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Concrete Texture

Pastor Wycliffe 
Arise and Shine Church - Kenya

"Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am Pst. Wycliffe from Arise and Shine Church in Kenya. The Life application study Bible has improved my study and has made me better than I was. For example: the concordance and the notes, make it clear on the author, when it was written, purpose, and key people which enabled me to handle it correctly. Per 2 Tim 2:15 God bless Dove and Lion Ministries, continue supporting us."


Pastor Kennedy Okiru
Jesus Everlasting Worship Alter - Kenya

"Praise Jesus, I am pastor Kennedy Okiru, of Jesus Everlasting Worship Alter, Kimilili (KENYA). I am among those who benefited from Life Application study Bible through Dove and Lion Ministries. The Bible has really helped me and the entire congregation on understanding deeper biblical insight. For a few weeks I have started four cell group bible centers with the help of this one study bible. I can see gradual spiritual growth. May God bless you and your entire team who have worked very hard to make sure we have been blessed. I am very grateful on behalf of our church." 

-Kennedy Okiru 

Reverend Ezekiel Namusole 
The Church Universal  - Malakisi, Kenya

"I have looked at what the great Life Application Study Bible had to say about the text. It has led me to correct my misinterpretations and always enriched my understanding. I’m deeply grateful to the Dove and Lion's Ministries. I wish to express my gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Parker Wagon for their great contribution to The Church Universal in terms of exegetical scholarship. I have dedicated to use this Bible for the spiritual growth of the church in Malakisi, Kenya. Thanks a lot and may the Almighty God bless you richly. Yours faithfully, Rev Ezekiel Namusole, Arm bearer Coordinator, Malakisi."

-Rev. Ezekiel Namusole - Kenya

Abel - Ethiopia

"Brother David, I'm touched beyond words!! I'm humbled and so grateful! Your thoughtfulness is a gift I will always treasure & will keep in mind the highlighted biblical verses too. May Lord Jesus Christ bless you more and more!! More blessings to you!!"

-Bro Abel

Sooli Moses
Miracle Center Church - Uganda

"I am Sooli Moses, The Coordinator ABM Uganda From Miracle Center Church Kachumbala . I received The Life Application BibleFrom Dove & Lion Ministries as they came for a Mission in Uganda with Armor Bearer Ministry International.

This Bible is very unique compared to others. It brings the Historical word to reality in our daily application of life, it is easy to read due to simple English with deeper explanation at the side. What has been difficult to understand, is simplified. It makes the learner or the reader have direct revelations. For instance, in the book of John 3:26, the disciples of John the Baptist were disturbed because people were following Jesus instead of John. In The Life Application Bible, it explains how it is easy for any person to grow jealous of the popularity of another person's ministry, yet a true mission is to influence people to follow Jesus Christ. This is what is happening today in churches, most leaders fight to destroy fellow ministries to promote their own as the best. If all ministers of God can get a chance to receive and read this Life Application Bible, it will bring great transformation in spiritual life. I just enjoy reading the word of God. Even hard books like Revelations are now becoming easier to understand. Long live Dove and Lion ministry and ABM International who support the gospel for the entire world."

-Sooli Moses

Anonymous - Lebanon

"Every time I open my Life Application Bible and pray I think of you and pray how blessed I am to have received that gift from the Lord that keeps on giving.

May the Lord Jesus be with you.

Love you my brother."

-Anonymous – Lebanon  

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